When it comes to worktops, why use stone?

Your worktop is the workhorse of the kitchen. Sure you can have your American fridge freezer, your top of the range dishwasher and stylish sink, but when it comes to everyday wear and tear, there’s one thing that’s always considered the final touch and some of us are guilty of over-looking it.

Your worktop is what takes the most work when it comes to cooking, cleaning, dropping items from cupboards, filling with shopping before unpacking, placing your laptop, phone or bag after a day at the office but this is all too often the place we take for granted.

5 reasons why we recommend stone worktops and the benefits of a good surface.

  1. Design

With so many options in the world of work surfaces, you are spoilt for choice with finishes such as polished, matt, natural and soft touch as well as colours from your white shiny surfaces, veined marble effect or even to the statement surface with bright colours. It’s very easy to change the style of your kitchen by choosing the right worktop.

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  1. Durability

Stone is the perfect choice for everyday use. Surfaces such as Quartz & Ceramic have great heat resistance, are easy to clean and very hygienic giving you the perfect setup when it comes to your kitchen space. Stone has an extremely high resistance to damage, heat & porosity, meaning it’s a very long-lasting finish when it comes to your worktop and your new kitchen.

  1. Keeping it simple

A new kitchen does not always mean a full renovation, restoring your cupboard doors, changing your sockets and importantly changing your surfaces is a far more cost-effective way of freshening up your kitchen from your current style.

  1. Low Maintenance

A great feature of stone is that it is built to last! With so many options in the marketplace this is a really great benefit of having a stone surface. Although wood and laminates can also finish off your kitchen, it might not be the most cost-effective (Yes really!) Although Stone is more expensive than the alternative you can rely on its hard wearing and solid characteristics to get you value for money. You will not need to reseal every so often and you also get a much higher performance than laminate. Keep your surfaces clean and well maintained and your kitchen will look great for years to come.

  1. Valuation

When it comes to buying and selling property we don’t always find what we are looking for in a home, each of us has our own inner interior designer when it comes to what we want. This is where you can create the wow factor! The kitchen is a really important feature in a purchase as this can be one of the major costs of renovating your home with re-arranging spaces. Consider these points;

  • A well-finished kitchen is always very aesthetically pleasing and gives you a good vision of the space you have to work with and stone is the perfect material to create this
  • Stone can brighten the room with a high-quality finish, drainage grooved sink and a cooker splash-back always gives the area a stand-out look.
  • Pricing of stone can vary greatly and there’s a surface to match all budgets. Remember, the low maintenance and the durability are the key factors as one purchase could last a lifetime!

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