Many people ask us… what is a Stone Fabricator? So in answer to that question…

By Definition a Fabricator is a creator or a maker, a Stone Fabricator is an artist who works with stone to create beautiful stone worktops of all kinds.

Whether you are looking for a length of worktop, a magnificent Island or even a small breakfast bar a Fabricator will use their expertise to ensure you get what you want from a creative and functional perspective.











They will help guide you, using their industry knowledge and experience of the various types of stone and will advise you on the benefits of each stone type, so you can make an informed decision.

The fabricator will then measure and template precisely to make sure that when the fabricating process begins they are accurately cutting the stone in the correct places to fit perfectly to match your measurement requirements for your kitchen.

The templating is key. This is done after the kitchen is fitted, so they measure where the top will sit and also ensure the hob, sink, drainer, tap holes and any other cuts that need to be made will be accurate.

The Stone slab is then cut, using specialist machinery in the Workshop. It is also cleaned and polished, ready for installation.

The final part of the Fabricators job is to ensure the stone worktop is expertly installed and ready to use. After the work has been completed in the workshop it is delicately moved to your home and installed to make the kitchen complete.

We have sourced all the best local stone fabricators for you, so you don’t have to go searching. To find a Fabricator near you click here.